What To Expect

Who do we serve? 

We work with Retirees, Individuals nearing retirement and any individuals or business owners who believe that planning for your goals is better than “flying by the seat of your pants”.

Who will benefit most from our services? 

Anyone who has financial, tax, investment challenges and wishes to plan prudently for his or her future.

How much money do you need to work with us? 

While there is no minimum asset requirement, typically, our new clients have assets of at least $50,000.

What type of securities do we provide advice for? 

Municipal bond mutual funds, mutual funds, variable annuities, life insurance, long term care coverage and disability coverage.

Do we guarantee investment performance? 

No, this would be a violation of securities law. However, we strive to recommend only those investments that are appropriate for your risk tolerance, tax bracket and long-term goals.

Will client information be kept confidential? 

Yes. It is the law.

Our relationship will last for a lifetime.  Financial planning is a process, not an event. We review each account at least monthly, and meet with clients for periodic reviews, and day-to-day consultations as needed. Typically, the most intensive work we do is in the initial year; then most clients meet with us two or three times a year to keep their planning up-to-date.

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