Market Thoughts

President Trump will have full range of opportunities to shift America from the Keynesian economic model,
where government is portrayed as the solution by controlling the money supply and interest rates, to a
supply side consumer driven ideal which promotes small business and job creation from its citizens.

We should see solid growth numbers in jobs, tax revenue, corporations coming back to America along with
a rise for middle class incomes.

With control of the House and Senate, less burdensome excessive regulation and lower corporate tax
rates should spur another economic boom.

I do see the markets cooling off as normal with a recession towards the end of 2018 spilling into 2019.
This is part of the normal season of Bull and Bear markets. The steam engine of our economy will have
to take a breather.

What type of investor are you?

Active:  For those who like to monitor their funds progress weekly and make adjustments when they see fit. 

Socially Responsible investors who prefer actively managed funds which include social and ethical screening during their selection process. 

Passive: For those investors who believe that markets are efficient and simply track the performance of known major indexes.

2017 Favorable Areas for Investors:
Large Cap Value & Growth
Mid Cap Value
Small Cap Value
Financial Services
Insurance Companies
Household products
Industrial Companies

2017 Challenging sectors for investors:
Speculating stock companies
Commercial Real Estate
Long Term Bonds


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